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eBusiness Lotse (eBusiness Guide) Berlin

Contact: Frank Pallas,did=509722.html

Project Status: active


The eBusiness Lotse (Guide) Berlin provides free information on eBusiness, internet and digital media to local small and medium enterprises. In so doing, the eBusiness Lotse wants to be a neutral guide and a personal contact partner. The project covers all apects of eBusiness, including website creation, online-marketing, cloud computing and big data. In particulat, the eBusiness Lotse addresses small and medium enterprises, handicraft businesses and entrepreneurs from the Berlin area without own IT-departments and -competences which nonetheless meet the various challenges of eBusiness.

Involved Persons
Stefan Tai, Alexander Lenk, Frank Pallas


from: 1 Oktober 2012
until: 30 September 2015
Funding: BMWi


Fraunhofer FOKUSFraunhofer HHITSB Technologiestiftung Berlin

Research Group

Economics and Technology of eOrganizations

Area of Research

Cloud Computing

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