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Hybrid and Agile Working in the Business Information Systems Research Group (BIS)

Contact: Gunther Schiefer, Martin Forell

Project Status: active


The past 20 months have shown us that our general meetings can take place well in digital form. However, in meetings that require creative activities or interactive sessions, the quality and efficiency of the work results often do not meet the requirements and are significantly below those of face-to-face meetings. Likewise, the important informal exchange phases "during the coffee break" have often been eliminated. In order to meet these challenges and demands on current working methods, we would like to make greater use of agile and/or digital working methods and create an adequate workspace for this purpose. This workspace should both support the creativity and innovative spirit of employees and meet the requirements of hybrid working methods. This results in changed requirements for the use of space, ergonomics, multifunctionality and comfort of the space. By providing different zones of space, e.g. an area for concentrated work and a meeting place for hybrid, informal meetings, we aim to provide a place for innovation and creativity with a supportive working atmosphere. The design will take into account the appropriate (analog and digital) accessibility.

Involved Persons
Gunther Schiefer, Andreas Fritsch, Meike Ullrich, Selina Schüler, Clemens Schreiber, Andreas Oberweis, Martin Forell, Demian Frister, Fabian Rybinski


from: 1 März 2022
until: 28 Februar 2023
Funding: Leitprojekt New Work

Research Group

Business Information Systems

Area of Research

Agile working methods

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