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Automatic User Support for Business Process Modeling

Automatic User Support for Business Process Modeling

Published: 2006 Juni
Herausgeber: K. Hinkelmann, D. Karagiannis, N. Stojanovic, G. Wagner
Buchtitel: Proceeding of the Workshop on Semantics for Business Process Management at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference 2006
Seiten: 1-12
Erscheinungsort: Budva, Montenegro

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The main purpose of business process modeling is the representation and analysis of alternative process designs by formal or semiformal process models. Manual modeling of business processes is a timeconsuming task. Typos and structural modeling errors make it particularly error prone to model business processes manually. Users can be assisted in modeling business processes by providing an autocompletion mechanism during the modeling process. In this paper we will describe on-going work for autocompletion of business process models. This approach is based upon an OWL DL description of Petri nets. Our autocompletion mechanism requires validation methods to check process properties of the automatically completed business process, which we will introduce as well. Consequently, we aim to improve manual process modeling by automating process modeling to a significant extent.

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