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A reverse engineering approach for migrating data-intensive web sites to the Semantic Web

Published: 2002

Buchtitel: Intelligent Information Processing, IFIP 17th World Computer Congress - TC12 Stream on Intelligent Information Processing, August 25-30, 2002, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Ausgabe: 221
Reihe: IFIP Conference Proceedings
Seiten: 141-154
Verlag: Kluwer

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The Semantic Web is intended to enable machine understandable web content and seems to be a solution for many drawbacks of the current Web. It is based on metadata that formally describe the semantics of Web contents. In this paper we present an integrated and semi-automatic approach for generating shared-understandable metadata for data-intensive Web applications. This approach is based on mapping a given relational schema into an already existing ontology structure using a reverse engineering process. As a case study we present this style of a schema- and data-migration for our Institute web portal. The presented approach can be applied to a broad range of today's data-intensive Web sites.

Download: Media:2002_14_Stojanovic_A_reverse_engin_1.pdf,Media:2002_14_Stojanovic_A_reverse_engin_2.pdf






Wissensrepräsentation, Ontology Engineering, Datenbanksysteme, Semantic Web