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On Deep Annotation

On Deep Annotation

Published: 2003

Buchtitel: Proc. of the WWW-2003, Budapest, Hungary, May 2003
Seiten: 431-438
Verlag: ACM

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The success of the Semantic Web crucially depends on the easy creation, integration and use of semantic data. For this purpose, we consider an integration scenario that defies core assumptions of current metadata construction methods. We describe a framework of metadata creation when web pages are generated from a database and the database owner is cooperatively participating in the Semantic Web. This leads us to the definition of ontology mapping rules by manual semantic annotation and the usage of the mapping rules and of web services for semantic queries. In order to create metadata, the framework combines the presention layer with the data description layer --- in contrast to ``conventional annotation, which remains at the presentation layer. Therefore, we refer to the framework by deep annotation We consider deep annotation as particularly valid because, (i), web pages generated from databases outnumber static web pages, (ii), annotation of web pages may be a very intuitive way to create semantic data from a database and, (iii), data from databases should not be materialized as RDF files, they should remain where they can be handled most efficiently --- in their databases.

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