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Developing sensor-based services for independent living

Developing sensor-based services for independent living

Published: 2007 Oktober
Herausgeber: P. and M. Cunningham
Buchtitel: Expanding the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies
Ausgabe: 4
Reihe: Information and Communication Technologies and the Knowledge Economy
Seiten: 545-550
Verlag: IOS Press
Erscheinungsort: Den Hague, The Netherlands

Referierte Veröffentlichung
Note: Proceedings of eChallenges Conference 2007


Discovering diseases as early as possible is a challenge for preserving an independent living and for saving lives concerning heart or brain diseases. Measuring body signals is nowadays no problem - in hospitals. But measuring body signals with a wearable ubiquitous sensor system for everyday use is vital. In this paper we are describing a new approach combining a comprehensive sensor system with an offline signal processing unit, e.g. PDA, smart phone etc. All signals cap¬tured at one position are stored, processed, and send to a central server. Sophisticated data mining and information retrieval techniques support monitoring of the current health status and discovering potential diseases. With the help of our approach manifoldly further services are enabled, e.g. recommendations or emergency aid.

ISSN: 1574-1230
VG Wort-Seiten: 8
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