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Advertising Via Mobile Terminals - Delivering Context Sensitive and Personalized Advertising While Guaranteeing Privacy

Published: 2007
Herausgeber: Joaquim Filipe, Helder Coelhas, Monica Saramago
Buchtitel: E-business and Telecommunication Networks. Second International Conference, ICETE 2005, Selected Papers
Ausgabe: 3
Reihe: CCIS
Seiten: 15-25
Verlag: Springer
Erscheinungsort: Berlin, Heidelberg

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Mobile terminals like cellular phones and PDAs are a promising target platform for mobile advertising: The devices are widely spread, are able to present interactive multimedia content and offer as almost permanently carried along personal communication devices a high degree of reachability. But particular because of the latter feature it is important to pay great attention to privacy aspects and avoidance of spam-messages when designing an application for mobile advertising. Furthermore the limited user interface of mobile devices is a special challenge. The following article describes the solution approach for mobile advertising developed within the project MoMa, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour of Germany (BMWA). MoMa enables highly personalized and context sensitive mobile advertising while guaranteeing data protection. To achieve this we have to distinguish public and private context information.




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