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Linked Data and Complex Event Processing for the Smart Energy Grid

Linked Data and Complex Event Processing for the Smart Energy Grid

Published: 2010 Dezember
Herausgeber: Sören Auer,Stefan Decker,Manfred Hauswirth
Buchtitel: Proc. of Linked Data in the Future Internet at the Future Internet Assembly, Ghent 16/17 Dec 2010
Ausgabe: 700
Verlag: CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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The Smart Grid aims at making the current energy grid more efficient and eco-friendly. The Smart Grid features an IT-layer, which allows communication between a multitude of stakeholders and will have to be integrated with other “smart” systems (e.g., smart factories or smart cities) to operate effectively. Thus, many participants will be involved and will exchange large volumes of data, leading to a heterogeneous system with ad-hoc data exchange in which centralised coordination and control will be very difficult to achieve. In this paper, we outline our envisioned Smart Grid architecture based on maturing Semantic Web technologies. Further, we show how Linked Data principles may be used for enabling decentralised publishing and resource discovery, ultimately fostering data integration. Current Linked Data principles apply to static sources but could be extended to include streaming sources as well. Dealing with streaming data, complex event processing enables timely reaction to new data, in order for the Smart Grid to quickly and efficiently react to complex and distributed data.

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