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Interacting with Statistical Linked Data via OLAP Operations

Interacting with Statistical Linked Data via OLAP Operations

Published: 2012 Mai
Herausgeber: C. Unger, P. Cimiano, V. Lopez, E. Motta, P. Buitelaar, R. Cyganiak (eds.)
Buchtitel: Proceedings of Interacting with Linked Data (ILD 2012), workshop co-located with the 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference
Seiten: 36-49
Verlag: ( )

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Note: (See also refined version of paper as Selected Workshop Paper for ESWC Post-Proceedings)


Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) promises an interface to analyse Linked Data containing statistics going beyond other interaction paradigms such as follow-your-nose browsers, faceted-search interfaces and query builders. As a new way to interact with statistical Linked Data we define comon OLAP operations on data cubes modelled in RDF and show how a nested set of OLAP operations lead to an OLAP query. Then, we show how to transform an OLAP query to a SPARQL query which generates all required facts from the data cube. Both metadata and OLAP queries are issued directly on a triple store; therefore, if the RDF is modified or updated, changes are propagated directly to OLAP clients.

Download: Media:Kaempgen et al ild2012 olap-operations.pdf
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There is a refined paper version published in the Post-Proceedings of ESWC 2012 Selected Workshop Papers (ESWC 2012 Satellite Events, LNCS 7540): Media:Paper-qald12-fios_postproceedings_cr.pdf

Presentation given at conference: Media:Kaempgen_oriain_harth_ild12_presentation_ESWC_final.pdf