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Deriving Human-readable Labels from SPARQL Queries

Deriving Human-readable Labels from SPARQL Queries

Published: 2011 September

Buchtitel: I-SEMANTICS 2011, 7th Int. Conf. on Semantic Systems
Verlag: ACM

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Over 80% of entities on the Semantic Web lack a human-readable label. This hampers the ability of any tool that uses linked data to offer a meaningful interface to human users. We argue that methods for deriving human-readable labels are essential in order to allow the usage of the Web of Data. In this paper we explore, implement, and evaluate a method for deriving human-readable labels based on the variable names used in a large corpus of SPARQL queries that we built from a set of log files. We analyze the structure of the SPARQL graph patterns and offer a classification scheme for graph patterns. Based on this classification, we identify graph patterns that allow us to derive useful labels. We also provide an overview over the current usage of SPARQL in the newly built corpus.

Download: Media:Sparql queries.pdf