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A Semantic Approach for Process Annotation and Similarity Analysis

A Semantic Approach for Process Annotation and Similarity Analysis

Published: 2016 Juni

Buchtitel: The Semantic Web: ESWC 2016 Satellite Events
Verlag: Springer

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Research in the area of process modelling and analysis has a long-established tradition. There a quite few formalisms for capturing processes, which are also accompanied by number of optimisation ap- proaches. We introduce a novel approach, which employs semantics, for process annotation and analysis. In particular, we distinguish between target processes and current processes. Target processes describe how a process should ideally run and define a framework for current processes, which in contrast, capture how processes actually run in real-life use cases. In some cases, current processes do not match the traget processes and can even overhaul target processes. Therefore, one is interested in the similarity of the defined target process and current processes. The comparisons can consider different characteristics of processes such as service quality measures and dimensions. Current solutions try to con- vert processes to specific ontologies and perform process mining methods to discover hidden structures or try to support the managing of the exe- cution. However, comparing target processes with current processes has not been addressed yet. To this end, we propose an new approach that is based on annotating processes with semantic information. We perform similarity analysis of target processes and current processes that exploits the semantics to show the added value of our approach. As part of the similarity analysis, we consider different service qualities and dimensions in order to determine how they influence both target and current process.

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