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User Assistance for Health Care Information Systems

User Assistance for Health Care Information Systems

Published: 2017 Dezember

Buchtitel: 2017 SIG-Health Pre-ICIS Workshop
Verlag: AIS
Organisation: Association for Information Systems (AIS)

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Health care is a domain characterized by low and slow adoption of IS compared to other domains, such as manufacturing or avionics. It seems to be promising to transfer existing (design) knowledge and solutions from these domains to the HIS context to increase effectiveness of HIS by, for example, improving usability of HIS and accessibility to assistive technology. Inattention to usability and accessibility of HIS will result in ineffective use of HIS, user dissatisfaction with HIS, the emergence of workarounds, and, ultimately, in a potentially decreased quality of care. One concept in IS research that can address these challenges is user assistance. With our research, we aim to enable users to better understand the functional capabilities of HIS, to effectively master their tasks using HIS, and, ultimately, to increase their performance.


Critical Information Infrastructures