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Identifying Twitter Bots Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Identifying Twitter Bots Using a Convolutional Neural Network

Published: 2019

Buchtitel: Working Notes of CLEF 2019 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF'19)
Verlag: CEUR

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In this paper, we present an approach for identifying Twitter bots based on their written tweets using a convolutional neural network. We experiment with various embedding methods (pretrained and trained on the training dataset) and convolutional neural network architectures and compare their performance. When evaluating our best performing approach on the actual test data set of theCLEF 2019 Bots Profiling Subtask (English language), we obtain an accuracy of 90.34%. We therefore see convolutional neural networks as a promising machine learning technique for Twitter bot detection.

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