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Engineering ontologies using semantic patterns

Engineering ontologies using semantic patterns

Published: 2001
Herausgeber: A. Preece & D. O'Leary
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the IJCAI-01 Workshop on E-Business & the Intelligent Web, Seattle, WA, USA, August 5, 2001

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Interoperability is one of the major design objectives when building applications for B2B and Semantic Web applications. In this paper, we present a methodology for engineering semantic knowledge such that these semantic structures are easier reusable when switching between several representa-tion languages. For this purpose, we re-consider the commonalities of representation languages and their usage in actual applica-tions. Out of this consideration we derive se-mantic patterns as a means to communicate knowledge at an epistemological level of rep-resentation and as a means for (partial) exe-cution by any particular implementation of any representation language. The underlying method we propose combines the advantages of formal specification methods (where fea-sible) with informal, natural language expla-nations such as used in software engineering for design patterns.

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