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Ontology Engineering beyond the Modeling of Concepts and Relations

Ontology Engineering beyond the Modeling of Concepts and Relations

Published: 2000
Herausgeber: R.V Benjamins, A. Gomez-Perez, N. Guarino, M. Uschold
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the ECAI'2000 Workshop on on Applications of Ontologies and Problem-Solving Methods, Berlin

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This papers presents an approach for modeling largescale ontologies. We extend well-established methods for modeling concepts and relations by transportable methods for modeling ontological axioms. The gist of our approach lies in the way we treat the majority of axioms. They are categorized into different types and specified as complex objects that refer to concepts and relations. Considering language and system particularities, this first layer of representation is then translated into the target representation language. This two-layer approach benefits engineering, because the intended meaning of axioms is captured by the categorization of axioms. Classified object representations allow for versatile access to and manipulations of axioms via graphical user interfaces.

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