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ODAMY Extending b2b Integration Technology Architecture

ODAMY Extending b2b Integration Technology Architecture

Published: 2004 August
Herausgeber: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
Buchtitel: Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks
Nummer: 18
Seiten: 43-50
Verlag: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Erscheinungsort: Toulouse, France
Organisation: IFIP World Computer Congress

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In this paper we present an ontology based approach for dynamic integration of business partners on demand. ODAMY, an ontology-based methodology, is proposed allowing flexible partner integration on demand into existing or evolving dynamic business networks. The approach chosen takes focus on the “softer” but important strategic aspects to measure the strategic fit to discover and select business partners. It provides required mechanisms and methods to support trust building by supporting communication and increases transparency within the network. Network companies are represented by a kind of “fingerprint” describing their co-operation ability and requirements. First, the paper introduces into the scenario of dynamic business ecosystems. Then developments, trends and requirements of existing b2b integration concepts are discussed. ODAMY is described and the implementation is depicted to demonstrate how the methodology is put into practice.

ISBN: 1-4020-8138-3
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