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Kevin Förderer, Mischa Ahrens, Kaibin Bao, Ingo Mauser, Hartmut Schmeck
Modeling flexibility using artificial neural networks
Energy Informatics, 1, (S1), Seiten 21, Oktober, 2018

Günther Eibl, Kaibin Bao, Philip-William Grassal, Daniel Bernau, Hartmut Schmeck
The influence of differential privacy on short term electric load forecasting
Energy Informatics, 1, (S1), Seiten 48, Oktober, 2018

Kaibin Bao, Hristo Valev, Manuela Wagner, Hartmut Schmeck
A threat analysis of the vehicle-to-grid charging protocol ISO 15118
Computer Science - Research and Development, September, 2017

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Kevin Förderer, Mischa Ahrens, Kaibin Bao, Ingo Mauser, Hartmut Schmeck
Towards the Modeling of Flexibility Using Artificial Neural Networks in Energy Management and Smart Grids
In ACM, Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Future Energy Systems (e-Energy '18), Seiten: 85-90, ACM, New York, NY, USA, Juni, 2018

Kaibin Bao, Florian Fiebig, Lukas Frank, Sebastian Kochanneck, Ingo Mauser, Hartmut Schmeck
Smarter Energy by an Intranet of Things in Buildings
VDE Kongress 2016: Internet der Dinge, VDE

Kaibin Bao, Ingo Mauser, Sebastian Kochanneck, Huiwen Xu, Hartmut Schmeck
A Microservice Architecture for the Intranet of Things and Energy in Smart Buildings
MOTA '16: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Mashups of Things and APIs, Middleware '16 17th International Middleware Conference, Seiten: 3:1-3:6, ACM

Kaibin Bao, Thomas Bräuchle, Hartmut Schmeck
Towards Privacy in Monitored Shared Environments
In Jürgen Beyerer, Andreas Meissner, Jürgen Geisler, 10th Future Security Conference 2015 (Future Security 2015), Seiten: 469-472, Fraunhofer, September, 2015

Michael Cipold, Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Claus Bachmann, Kaibin Bao, Hartmut Schmeck
An Evolutionary Optimization Approach for Bulk Material Blending Systems
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSN XII, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, September, 2012

Kaibin Bao, Florian Allerding, Hartmut Schmeck
User behavior prediction for energy management in smart homes
Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD), 2011 Eighth International Conference on, Seiten: 1335 - 1339, IEEE, 2, Shanghai, China, Juli, 2011

Kaibin Bao, Ali Jannesari, Victor Pankratius, Walter F. Tichy
Helgrind+: An efficient dynamic race detector
IEEE International Symposium on Parallel & Distributed Processing., Seiten: 1-13, IEEE, Mai, 2009

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Max E. Kramer, Martin Hecker, Simon Greiner, Kaibin Bao, Kateryna Yurchenko
Model-Driven Specification and Analysis of Confidentiality in Component-Based Systems
Karlsruhe Reports in Informatics, Technical Report, November, 2017

Kaibin Bao, Anton Hergenröder, Christian Haas
Bedrohungsanalyse eines Smart-Home-Szenarios zur Visualisierung von Energieverbrauchsdaten im Vorfeld einer Steuerentscheidung.
Telematics Technical Reports TM-2014-1, September, 2014

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