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Smart Energy Distribution

Details of Course
Type of course lecture
Lecturer(s) Hartmut Schmeck
Instructor(s) Huiwen Xu
Subject Informatik
Credit Points 4
Control of Success Schriftliche Prüfung

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Course Overview
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Research Group


The course will give an overview of current and anticipated future approaches to the distribution and management of electrical energy with special emphasis on the challenges due to the increasing share of energy from renewable sources. The "Energiewende" will lead to a significant increase in fluctuating generation of electric power from wind and from solar panels which can be controlled to a limited extent only. Furthermore, future power generation will be highly decentralized, occurring at the "edge" of the power grid, i.e. in the low voltage grid. Hence, the traditional paradignm of energy distribution has to be rehrased from "Supply follows demand" to "Demand follows supply". The course will address the consequences of these changes on management and control of the energy grid, considering also the role of mobile and stationary batteries and strategies for smart control of battery charging (and discharging). Furthermore, since tomorrow's energy system will depend crucially on information processing, concepts for an energy information grid with distributed system intelligence will be a major topic.


Die Prüfung kann nur in den Studiengängen ENTECH M.Sc. sowie Energie M.Sc. und WiIng M.Sc. angerechnet werden.