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Teaching Modules

Publications Belonging to the Area of Research

Matthias Bonn, Urban Richter, Stefan Thanheiser, Frederic Toussaint, Hartmut Schmeck
Mobiler Campus: Forschen, Lehren und Lernen - zu jeder Zeit, an jedem Ort
Karlsruher Wirtschaftsspiegel, 2006/2007, (49), pages 52-53, Juli, 2006

Victor Pankratius, Gottfried Vossen
Reengineering of Educational Material: A Systematic Approach
International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL), 1, (3), pages 229-248, 2005

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Markus Grüne, Kirsten Lenz, Andreas Oberweis
Pricing of Learning Objects in a Workflow-based E-Learning Scenario
Proc. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, HICSS-38Januar, 2005

Anne Cregan, Malgorzata Mochol, Denny Vrandecic, Sean Bechhofer
Pushing the limits of OWL, Rules and Protege - A simple example
In Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Bijan Parsia, Peter Patel-Schneider, OWL: Experiences and Directions, Galway, Ireland, November, 2005

Victor Pankratius
Aspect-Oriented Learning Objects
4th IASTED International Conference on Web-based Education (WBE2005), ACTA Press, Grindelwald, Switzerland, Februar, 2005

Markus Grüne, Kirsten Keferstein, Kirsten Lenz, Marco Mevius, Andreas Oberweis, Gottfried Vossen
Workflow-gestütztes Lernobjekt-Management
In W. Uhr, W. Esswein, E. Schoop, Wirtschaftsinformatik 2003: Medien - Märkte - Mobilität, pages: 801-818, Physica-Verlag, 1, September, 2003

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Andreas Oberweis, Victor Pankratius, Wolffried Stucky
Product Lines in E-Learning
University of Karlsruhe, Institute AIFB, archiv number: 988 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany, (501), ISBN 3-9810441-0-X, August, 2005

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