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News of November 22, 2013

Best Paper Award of MTSR 2013 presented to researchers of AIFB

Thessaloniki, 22. November 2013: Basil Ell of Prof. Studer's research group, Christoph Schindler and Professor Marc Rittberger from the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) got the Best Paper Award at the Metadata and Semantics Research 2013 (MTSR) for their paper on "Semantically enhanced interactions between heterogeneous data life-cycles: analyzing educational lexica in a virtual research environment".

This is the second Best Paper Award a publication related to the research project SMW-CorA (Semantic MediaWiki for Collaborative Corpora Analysis) received. In March 2013 this was the case at the 13th International Symposium for Information Science. (ISI2013). MTSR2013 - Basil Ell - best paper.jpg

From the research group Web Science