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News of Juli 11, 2015

Steffen Thoma gets Faculty Award 2015


Steffen Thoma from the research group Knowledge Management was awarded with the faculty award for his master thesis “Entity Linking in Text-Documents by Factorizing Wikipedia” by the Department of Economics and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

This is already the second award Steffen Thoma received for his master thesis. The first award was given by the “Verein für Angewandte Informatik (AIK) e.V.” for the best master thesis written within the research group Knowledge Management. 

The master thesis deals with the factorisation of over 4 million entites in the English Wikipedia. To this end, the relations between Wikipedia articles, surface forms and categories were examined. Based on this information huge matrices were built which capture the information of the relations between entities, categories and surface forms. These matrices were decomposed into latent factor matrices viagradient descent. The resulting knowledge representation can be understood as compact representation about all entities and their relations in the English Wikipedia. This latent representation can e.g. be used to annotate any text or to deduce previously unknown relations between entities and categories.

From the research group Web Science