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Optimisation on Reconfigurable Systems

Contact: Hartmut Schmeck

Project Status: completed


In practice, many applications demand efficient algorithms for the optimization of problems which are subject to dynamic changes of operating and environmental conditions. This project examines the benefits of dynamically reconfigurable architecture as a platform for the implementation of optimization algorithms for dynamically changing optimization problems. The focus is put on Ant Colony Optmization (ant algorithms) as optimization algorithm.

Involved Persons
Peter Bungert, Hartmut Schmeck


from: 1 Oktober 2003
until: 30 Juni 2008
Funding: DFG

Research Group

Efficient Algorithms

Area of Research

Ant Algorithms, Evolutionary Computing, Parallel Algorithms, Reconfigurability, Fpga, Nature-inspired Algorithms, Optimization, Hardware Algorithms, Reconfigurable Mesh

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Oliver Diessel, Hossam ElGindy, Martin Middendorf, Bernd Scheuermann, Hartmut Schmeck
Dynamic Scheduling on Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs
IEE Proceedings - Computers and Digital Techniques, special issue on reconfigurable systems, 147, (3), pages 181-188, Mai, 2000

Bernd Scheuermann, Keith So, Michael Guntsch, Martin Middendorf, Oliver Diessel, Hossam ElGindy, Hartmut Schmeck
FPGA Implementation of Population-based Ant Colony Optimization
Applied Soft Computing, 4, pages 303-322, April, 2004

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Oliver Diessel, Hossam ElGindy, Martin Middendorf, Michael Guntsch, Bernd Scheuermann, Hartmut Schmeck, Keith So
Population Based Ant Colony Optimization on FPGA
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT), pages: 125-133Dezember, 2002

Hossam ElGindy, Martin Middendorf, Bernd Scheuermann, Hartmut Schmeck
Task Rearrangement on Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs with Restricted Buffer
Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, pages: 379-388, Springer, LNCS, 1896, August, 2000

Bernd Scheuermann, Martin Middendorf
Counter-based Ant Colony Optimization as a Hardware-oriented Meta-Heuristic
In F. Rothlauf et al., Applications of Evolutionary Computing. Proceedings of the EvoHOT Workshop, pages: 235-244, Springer-Verlag, LNCS, 3449, März, 2005

Bernd Scheuermann, Michael Guntsch, Martin Middendorf, Hartmut Schmeck
Time-Scattered Heuristic for the Hardware Implementation of Population-based ACO
In M. Dorigo et al., Ant colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence. Proc. of the ANTS 2004 conference, pages: 250-261, Springer-Verlag, LNCS, 3172, September, 2004

Bernd Scheuermann, Keith So, Michael Guntsch, Martin Middendorf, Oliver Diessel, Hossam ElGindy, Hartmut Schmeck
FPGA Implementation of Population based Ant Colony Optimization
Online Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Seminar, Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures, 03301, Juli, 2003

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