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Conferences and Workshops
Challenges for Consuming and Mining Linked Data
Challenges for Consuming and Mining Linked Data
Benedikt Kämpgen
Integration von multidimensionalen Datensätzen aus dem Web für analytische Abfragen
Identification of Emerging Scientific Topics in Bibliometric Databases
User Interfaces to Semantic Knowledge Bases based on Natural Language Generation and Semantic Wikis
Internet of Everything
Semantische Konfiguration von AAL-Umgebungen
30th AIK symposium "Semantik in Big Data"
Design and Application of Quantified Self Approaches to Support Reflective Learning
Data-driven Business as a Cognitive Computing Challenge
SPARQL1.1 Updates and Entailment - Why the specification is silent about their interaction
Dynamic Interaction and Manipulation of Web Resources
Ontology Design Patterns for Large-Scale Data Interchange and Discovery
Making Authorship and Social Interactions Transparent in Collaboratively Written and Revisioned Text – The Use Case of Wikipedia
Gravitation and Fitness in Ontology Dynamics
Understanding sequential user behavior on the web
Methodik und Tools zur Entwicklung verteilter Echtzeit-Verarbeitungspipelines
Linked Data Entity Summarization
Validation Framework for RDF-based Constraint Languages
Query Processing over Graph-based Data on the Web
Intellectual Capital: Software innovation and its role in national economies
Semantic Annotation and Search: Bridging the Gap between Text, Knowledge and Language
From Data Modeling to Knowledge Engineering in Space System Design
Cross-lingual Monitoring of Events
Semantic Search for Novcel Information
Artificial Intelligence: A tale of two Worlds at Nuance
33rd AIK symposium "Von Wissensmanagement zu Web Science"
Research and innovation at EMCL – Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab/ Towards Cognition-Guided Patient-Specific Numerical Simulation for Surgery Assistance
9th Conference Professional Knowledge Management (WM2017)
Semantic Similarity Measures and their Impact on Data-Driven Tasks over Knowledge Graphs
Decentralized Control in Distributed Applications via Web and Semantic Web Technologies
Decision-Making with Multi-Step Expert Advice on the Web
Multi-view Representation Learning for Unifying Languages, Knowledge and Vision
Specifying and Monitoring Behaviour on the Linked Data Web
Situationsbewusstes Complex Event Processing auf Basis von Partial Pattern Fulfillment
Ontology Engineering at Scale for Open City Data Sharing
Multi-modal Data Fusion based on Latent Representations
Kontextspezifische Interpretation von heterogenen Umweltbeobachtungen durch Ausnutzung von Linked Open Data
Conceptualization of an Agent Framework for Heterogeneous Domain Specific Tasks
Learning Latent Features using Stochastic Neural Networks on Graph Structured Data
Automating Industrial Event Stream Analytics: Methods, Models, and Tools
Managing Stream Processing Pipelines in Heterogeneous Fog Infrastructures
Decentralized Query Processing over Heterogeneous Sources of Knowledge Graphs
Human-Understandable Explanations for Neural Networks
Guided automated machine learning system