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Recovery Cloud: Design, Implementation, and Discussion of a Virtual Appliance Based, Service Oriented System to Deliver IT Disaster Recovery Services

Markus Klems

Information on the Thesis

Type of Final Thesis: Diplom
Supervisor: Stefan Tai
Research Group: Economics and Technology of eOrganizations

Archive Number: 3.123
Status of Thesis: Completed
Date of start: 2009-10-16
Date of submission: 2009-12-31

Further Information

Disasters are a serious threat to business continuity. Imagine a hurricane destroying the data center of a stock exchange. Without precautions, such an event would cause tremendous cost in lost trading revenues. Moreover, valuable data could be destroyed along with the data center. Apparently, disasters can be very costly and embarrassing for an enterprise – or even put it out of business.

Virtualization – and lately cloud computing – promise low-cost approaches to Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) compared to traditional approaches, such as tape-based bare-metal recovery. The concept of a “Recovery Cloud” promotes the idea of distributing and replicating services and data across wide geographic areas to protect them against local disasters.