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Blockchain-based system prototype for emergency health information

Mohamed Bassem Abidi

Information on the Thesis

Type of Final Thesis: Bachelor
Supervisor: Tobias DehlingProf. Dr. Martina ZitterbartProf. Dr. Ali Sunyaev
Research Group: Critical Information Infrastructures

Archive Number: 4.381
Status of Thesis: Completed
Date of start: 2019-11-12
Date of submission: 2019-02-12

Further Information

Emergency medical services strive to provide the best possible care to save lives. However, in most cases, they can not access medical history information such as chronic diseases and allergies in an emergency. First responders usually arrive in the emergency area without any information about the person in need. The availability of emergency health records is challenging due to the sensitivity of the information. This thesis focuses on the use of emergency health information in emergencies, to explore their needs, concerns, and problems of adaptation. The current progress of the blockchain may be a solution for emergency recordings. We have developed a blockchain-based system prototype to help emergency physicians and first responders improve the quality of pre-hospital emergency services. The solution was also designed to give the patient control of their emergency record.