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Advance! Program

Dear students,

Would you like to make more of your studies? Would you like to attend not just lectures, not just seminars? Then let us enthuse you about other topics: How about working as a trainee or student assistant who closely cooperates with industry representatives and researchers in addition to taking courses? We would like to pique your interest in advance with us. Let us introduce you to Advance!.

Advance! is a student development program that has been initiated and is conducted by Dr. Michael Färber and his research group Web Science at the KIT-Institute AIFB. We address ourselves to excellent students that want to develop themselves beyond the limits of their study courses.

Our main focus areas are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Big Data and Linked Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Natural Language Processing

The Advance! program offers exclusive contacts, jobs, student research projects, and social events.

To complete the Advance! program, you need to fulfill at least two out of the following criteria:

  • Completion of your bachelor or master thesis in the Web Science group
  • Completion of a seminar from the Web Science group
  • Contribution to the community (publishing research)
  • Active participation in the Web Science group

To apply for the Advance! program please send your application. The application should consist of a brief motivational statement and your current grades.

Contact: Dr. Michael Färber