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News of Januar 27, 2014

W3C standardises Linked Data vocabulary for statistics with contributions from AIFB/FZI

The W3C Government Linked Data Working Group (GLD) [1] has standardised an RDF vocabulary for publishing multidimensional datasets such as from statistics and sensors. The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary (QB) [2] enables to publish and then integrate and analyse datasets with Linked-Data-based tools. Linked Data [3] promotes the publication of machine-understandable information using (Semantic) Web technologies such as HTTP, RDF and SPARQL to enhance data interoperability. The QB vocabulary is underlying the cube model of the popular ISO standard Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) [4].

Supporting QB, Benedikt Kämpgen from AIFB and FZI as well as Richard Cyganiak from DERI have edited a Working Group Note on "Use Cases and Lessons for the Data Cube Vocabulary" [5]. There, they describe use cases that benefit from using QB, e.g., publishing European statistics from Eurostat as Linked Data, loading the data into an RDF store and analysing the statistics using SPARQL queries [6]. Also, from these use cases, lessons are derived that need to be considered if applying the vocabulary, e.g., publishers can choose from different ways of how to publish classification hierarchies or consumers can automatically check that datasets are well-formed.

Besides QB, the GLD Working Group has delivered further documents about publishing and consuming especially, but not exclusively, government data, e.g., a Linked Data Glossary [7] and Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data [8].

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