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Evaluation of Ontologies for the Web -- Proceedings of the 4th International EON Workshop 2006

Published: 2006 Mai
Reihe: CEUR WS
Erscheinungsort: Edinburgh, Scotland
Bemerkung: Workshop at the WWW World Wide Web Conference 2006

In the successful series of EON workshops we intend to bring together researchers and practitioners from the quickly developing research areas Ontologies and Semantic Web. Former EON workshops aimed at evaluating ontology-based tools, the this year's workshop focuses on the Evaluation of Ontologies (content, usability, etc.) themselves. Whereas some effort already was invested in reusing work from related research areas towards the end of Ontology Evaluation, often the basic premises of the web-like environment are forgotten or disregarded. Thus the main goal of this workshop is to lay the foundations for Web Ontology Evaluation.

Ontologies now play an important role for many knowledge-intensive applications for which they provide a source of formally defined terms. They aim at capturing domain knowledge in a generic way and provide a commonly agreed understanding of a domain, which may be reused, shared, and operationalized across applications and groups. Numerous ontologies are already available and the number is growing rapidly. Still a well understood definition or even intuition about qualities that apply to ontologies is lacking. The large visibility of the Semantic Web already attracts industrial partners. Ontology-based tools depend more and more on the explicit knowledge captured in ontologies. A well-understood notion of Ontology Evaluation might lead to a consistent level of quality and thus acceptance by industry. For the future this might lead to certification efforts for such ontologies.

The aim of this workshop is to ground Ontology Evaluation firmly on the needs of the Semantic Web, especially regarding its web-like characteristics like high interconnectivity, constant change and incompleteness. We will focus on the Semantic Web languages as standardized or proposed by the W3C: RDF(S), OWL and the rule language. We want to encourage and stimulate discussion about the current state of the art in Ontology Evaluation and its future direction. Currently, ontologies and the Semantic Web attract researchers from all around the world and from various disciplines, sometimes forgetful of the new needs and conditions arising from the Semantic Web’s requirements.

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Semantic Web Infrastructure, Ontologiemodellierung, Ontology Engineering, Ontologiemodellierungsmethodology, Semantic Web