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Student theses supervised by [[ Steffen Thoma/en| Steffen Thoma]]

Master theses

Marcel Kurovski
Deep Learning for Recommender Systems: Joint Learning of Similarity and Preference
Date of submission: 2017-09-27, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Steffen Thoma, External Partner: Inovex GmbH

Lorenz Rossmann
Text Mining for Early Warnings of Credit Defaults
Date of submission: 2016-12-08, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Steffen Thoma

Fabian Both
Combining Latent Vector Representations
Date of submission: 2016-09-30, Supervisor: Rudi Studer, Steffen Thoma

Fabian Böhnlein
User Profiling based on Cellular Network Data
Date of submission: 2015-01-16, Supervisor: Rudi Studer, Steffen Thoma

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Bachelor theses

Simon Junker
Konzeption einer Modellierungssprache zur Abbildung von Konfigurationswissen
Date of submission: 2016-05-10, Supervisor: Rudi Studer, Steffen Thoma, External Partner: CAS Software AG
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