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Conceptual Frameworks for the Modelling of ICT Competence Profiles

Conceptual Frameworks for the Modelling of ICT Competence Profiles

Published: 2007 Oktober
Herausgeber: Paul Cunningham, Miriam Cunningham
Buchtitel: Expanding the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies
Ausgabe: 4
Seiten: 1158-1165
Verlag: IOS Press

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Substantial effort is currently being made by the e-Skills community and involved stakeholders to establish a common European framework for e-Skills (or more specific ICT Skills) and competences in Europe. ICT skills/ competence frameworks are an important prerequisite for ICT competence development and related quality assurance for recognition and transferability of qualifications. In this paper we point out the importance of common ICT competence profiles and the modelling of them. We give a short overview about existing frameworks and standardised data models. Further we present at this stage our conceptual data model, our conceptual framework and their appliance on qualification systems, as an example the IT references AITTS and CEPIS, especially each with their profile software developer. Our work at this stage is the basis for the further development of knowledge, skills, competences and qualification catalogues and repositories.

ISBN: 978-1-58603-801-4
ISSN: 1574-1230
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E-Learning, Ontologiemodellierung