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Teaching and Exams

The Institute AIFB qualifies our graduates for leadership positions in Academia and Economy - providing a fundamental education in Informatics which is tuned to the needs of our study programs.

Our students learn to understand highly complex applications of Informatics, to design them adequately, to evaluate them with respect to technological and economic criteria, and to eyploit the resulting potential for innovation. Our teaching is tailored to the needs of several programs of study in Economics and Engineering of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The multiple qualifications provided by these programs provide excellent opportunities on the job market.

To support continuing education we offer courses on topics in Informatics which are of special interest for the industry and for small and medium companies. Furthermore, the Institute AIFB provides a significant part of the Informatics courses in the Master programs of the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management at the International Department of the KIT.