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Integration Of Semiformal and Formal Methods For Specification of Knowledge-Based Systems

Published: 1994
Herausgeber: B. Wolfinger
Buchtitel: Innovation bei Rechen- und Kommunikationssystemen
Reihe: Informatik Aktuell
Verlag: Springer-Verlag, Berlin

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The paper describes a specification approach for knowledge-based systems (kbs) combining semiformal and formal specification techniques. The semiformal knowledge representation uses a hypermedia-based formalism which serves as a communication basis between expert and knowledge engineer. This representation is also the basis for the formalization process resulting in the formal and executable model of expertise written in KARL. A smooth transition from the semiformal to the formal specification is enabled as both description techniques use the same conceptual model to describe the system.

Download: Media:1994_670_Fensel_Integration_Of__1.ps.gz