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Frequently Asked Questions

Examinations, registrations and deregistrations, results

Where can I find my exam result and the exam inspection date?

The results of the exams are published in the WIWI-Portal of the Department of Economics and Management. As a student you can log in there with your KIT-account (uxxxx) as user ID and the corresponding password. As a rule, the points achieved are displayed in the portal. You can find the viewing date here.

When do which exams take place?

The exams in "Programming I" and "Programming of commercial systems" usually take place during the lecture period. The other exams take place at the beginning of the first week after the lecture period. The exact exam dates for the current or coming semester will be published after the registration deadline. It cannot happen that the exams you want to write take place at the same time. Only when the registration phase has been completed will the exam dates be definitively fixed, in such a way that each student can take notes of all the exams he or she has registered.

When do the examination grades appear in the Campus Management Portal?

The examination results appear 3-4 days after exam inspection.

When does the oral re-examination take place?

The oral re-examination usually takes place a few weeks after exam inspection for the failed written re-examination. Exceptions are possible.

Do I have to register for the oral re-examination?

No. For the oral examination, you will usually automatically receive an invitation with exact dates (a few days after exam inspection for the second written examination).

In which case is there an oral re-examination?

An oral examination serves to check through personal contact whether a candidate who has already failed twice in writing is indeed not showing sufficient performance. Sometimes (for organizational or other reasons) exams are held orally rather than in writing. If such an oral examination is a second attempt (repeat examination), there will be no oral re-examination!

Can I repeat a passed exam?

According to the Examination Regulations or Examination Office/Study Office/Examinations Secretariat: An examination that has already been passed cannot be repeated!

How and until when can I unsubscribe from an exam?

It can be withdrawn from written examinations until immediately before the examination tasks are issued. In the case of oral examinations, a period of three working days prior to the examination date applies. In addition, the AIFB evaluates a "non-appearance" as a "deregistration" for written examinations. Anyone who decides at short notice not to take part in an exam does not have to explicitly unsubscribe from it. However, if you decide to cancel your registration/non-participation before the lecture hall distributions are published, a short e-mail to Dr. André Wiesner will enable us to better plan/carry out the exams. The admission certificates of the students who have withdrawn from the examination remain valid and will be sent back to the examination department of the university or the examination board of your faculty after the examination. There they can be picked up again for renewed registration.

How and when do I register for exams at the AIFB Institute?

There are different registration procedures depending on the examination and degree programme. The examination schedule explains how to correctly register for an examination.

Which examinations can I take or combine at the AIFB this semester?

You will find the current range of IT examinations for the current semester in the examination schedule.

How and when do I register for the "Programming I" and "Programming of Commercial Systems" exams at the AIFB?

In principle, the registration and admission procedures for these exams are announced on the corresponding web pages for the events "Programming I" and "Programming of Commercial Systems". All Bachelor students register online via the Campus Management Portal during the registration period.

Seminars/ Advanced Labs Informatics, registration and deregistration

What is a seminar or advanced lab?

A advanced lab differs from a "normal" seminar in that the participants usually not only have to give a talk, but also have to perform practically (e.g. in the form of an implementation). In the Bachelor's/Master's programme, a seminar is usually assessed with 3 credit points, an advanced lab with 4 credit points corresponding to the higher workload (approx. 30 working hours).

Recognition of study and examination achievements

How can I get credit for my studies and examinations in the field of Informatics that I have completed in another course of study or at another university?

You can find the general procedure for crediting the examination achievements of the study programmes on the WiWi pages. You will find special information from our institute on the recognition of academic achievements abroad here, and the representatives responsible for the crediting of examination achievements are usually the lecturers in this lecture. Hannah Keller coordinates crediting questions in examinations for which Prof. Oberweis is responsible. A detailed list of the responsible examiners can be found here. Please bring all available documents (certificates, notes, lecture documents) and note that it may take a few days to review the documents submitted.

Does it make sense to clarify in advance the possibility of crediting academic achievements that I would like to achieve during a stay abroad?

Yes, for study projects abroad it is recommended (for ERASMUS it is mandatory) to clarify the possibility of crediting intended study achievements in advance. This gives you the certainty that your performance abroad will be recognised on your return. You will find the corresponding form under the heading 'Applications'. You then use the form to go to the examiner responsible for the subject to be recognised and present the relevant documents there. The final recognition will then take place as described above.

Certification of seminar and practical course achievements, examination certificates

How can I have a seminar or advanced lab performance certified?

The seminar grades are published in the WIWI-Portal of the Faculty of Economics. As soon as they are available there, you will be notified by email. Depending on the course of study and type of event, you must hand in the seminar form WiIng/TVWL, the seminar form InWi, the lab form WiIng or the seminar form for INFO to the examination coordinator Dr. André Wiesner (mailbox next to room 2B-03, building 05.20, or also by e-mail) so that your grade can be booked. As seminar title please enter the original title according to the course catalogue as well as the (placeholder) title in the module handbook. For all seminars, this is "Seminar Informatik" with the addition "Bachelor" or "Master". All labs have the placeholder "Advanced Lab Informatics". The Student Services requires this information in order to be able to correctly book the examination performance. If all information is complete and correct, the examination officer confirms the seminar performance and sends the certificate directly to the Student Service (students according to SPO 2007/2009) or records the grade directly in the Campus Management System (SPO 2015). So you don't have to pick it up from us! Please submit the pre-filled form to Dr. André Wiesner at the beginning of the event. if your certificate has already been sent to the student service or if the grade has already been booked, you can find out by selecting the semester in which the relevant course was offered above.