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Design and Implementation of an Eventually Consistent Distributed Storage System Layered on Top of Cloud Storage Services

David Bermbach

Information on the Thesis

Type of Final Thesis: Diplom
Supervisor: Stefan Tai
Research Group: Economics and Technology of eOrganizations

Archive Number: 3.269
Status of Thesis: Completed
Date of start: 2010-10-01
Date of submission: 2010-12-16

Further Information

Traditionally, distributed storage systems used to offer only reduced availability to assert that the ACID guarantees were always observed. More recently, a new class of systems was developed which traded consistency in favor of availability, thus, guaranteeing only eventual consistency. But what exactly is eventual consistency?

In this work we develop SCOUPS, a new consistency model that discriminates different degrees of consistency along five distinct dimensions, and give a short overview of distributed storage systems while classifying them within our model. Furthermore, with the advent of cloud computing a new class of storage systems evolved which replicate across provider borders. Up to now, no system exists within this group which offers only eventual consistency. We want to close that gap and present MetaStorage, its design, implementation and classification within the SCOUPS model as well as test results indicating that it is feasible to introduce such an application design as the benefits drawn from it by far exceed the price we have to pay.