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On the Adaptive Disadvantage of Lamarckianism in Rapidly Changing Environments

Published: 2007
Herausgeber: F. Almeida e Costa et al.
Buchtitel: Advances in Artificial Life, 9th European Conference on Artificial Life
Ausgabe: 4648
Reihe: LNCS
Seiten: 355-364
Verlag: Springer

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Using a simple simulation model of evolution and learning, this paper provides some evolutionary arguments on why Lamarckian-like inheritance - the direct transfer of lifetime learning results from parent to offspring - does rarely exist in nature. Lamarckian inheritance allows quicker genetic adaptation to new environmental conditions than non-lamarckian inheritance. While this may be an advantage in the short term, it may be detrimental in the long term, since the population may be less well prepared for future environmental changes than in the absence of Lamarckianism.

Download: Media:2007_1484_Paenke_On_the_Adaptive_1.pdf,Media:2007_1484_Paenke_On_the_Adaptive_2.pdf




Effiziente Algorithmen


Evolutionäre Algorithmen, Evolutionäre Optimierung veränderlicher Probleme, Computational Biology