Beyond the Norm: Exploring Authentication Challenges for Older Adults and Non-WEIRD Populations

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Beyond the Norm: Exploring Authentication Challenges for Older Adults and Non-WEIRD Populations

Kolloquium Angewandte Informatik

In today's technology-driven world, the topic of digital authentication often centers around mainstream users, largely neglecting the unique experiences of marginalized communities such as the : older adults and those outside of the Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) populations. This research dives into these underrepresented segments to shed light on the distinct chal-lenges and perspectives they bring to the realm of digital authentication. Through compre-hensive data gathering, including surveys, interviews, and real-time observations, we un-cover the pain points and barriers faced by these demographics. Importantly, this talk moves beyond merely highlighting challenges by presenting solutions tailored to their spe-cific needs. By encompassing areas from tactile feedback to cultural nuances in security, our findings propose innovative strategies for a more inclusive approach to authentication. In the era of global connectivity, it's crucial that the digital world is accessible and secure for all, regardless of age or cultural background.

(Prof. Sanchari Das)

Start: 13. Oktober 2023 um 14:00
Ende: 13. Oktober 2023 um 15:30

Im Gebäude 05.20, Raum: 1C-04

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