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Survey of Certification Scheme of ICT Professionals across Europe towards Harmonisation - The Harmonise Project

Published: 2006 Oktober
Herausgeber: Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham
Buchtitel: Exploiting the Knowledge Economy
Ausgabe: 3
Seiten: 1602 - 1609
Verlag: IOS Press

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The paper reports on the activities and results of a survey of certification schemes of ICT professionals across Europe towards harmonisation. The survey was undertaken by a consortium of nine organisations in Europe. The survey covers 36 professional informatics societies in 32 European countries, representing more than 400.000 ICT professionals in Europe. The European countries directly involved and represented in the consortium are the leading national professional informatics societies in Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and United Kingdom. The paper describes the survey approach developed, survey methodology applied and overviews and discusses preliminary results of the survey activity.

ISBN: 1-58603-682-3
ISSN: 1574-1239
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