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An Algorithm for Computing Inconsistency Measurement by Paraconsistent Semantics

Published: 2007 Oktober
Herausgeber: K. Mellouli
Buchtitel: Proceedings of Ninth European Conference on Symbolic and Quanlitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty
Ausgabe: 4724
Reihe: LNAI
Seiten: 91-102
Verlag: Springer
Erscheinungsort: Hammamet , Tunisia
Referierte Veröffentlichung


[[Abstract::Measuring inconsistency in knowledge bases has been recognized as an important problem in many research areas. Most of approaches proposed for measuring inconsistency are based on paraconsistent semantics. However, very few of them provide an algorithm for implementation. In this paper, we first give a four-valued semantics for first-order logic and then propose an approach for measuring the degree of inconsistency based on this four-valued semantics. After that, we propose an algorithm to compute the inconsistency degree by introducing a new semantics for first order logic, which is called S[n]-4 semantics.]]

Download: Media:2007_1536_Ma_An_Algorithm_fo_1.pdf,Media:2007_1536_Ma_An_Algorithm_fo_2.pdf