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Modelling Location-Aware Access Control Constraints for MobileWorkflows with UML Activity Diagrams

Published: 2009 Oktober

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services, and Technologies (UBICOMM 2009)
Seiten: 263-268
Verlag: IEEE
Erscheinungsort: Sliema, Malta

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In this paper an extension to activity diagrams from the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is proposed that supports the definition of several kinds of location constraints. A location constraint is a statement that says whether it is allowed to perform an activity within a mobile workflow at a particular location or not. They therefore constitute a special case of access control that is location-aware. We cover location constraints that are assigned at the design time of the workflow schema as well as constraints that a derived during the runtime of a workflow instance. Location constraints can help to tackle mobile-specific challenges that come along with the employment of mobile workflow systems, namely security issues and usability problems




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