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Modelling and Enforcement of Location Constraints in an Agricultural Application Scenario

Modelling and Enforcement of Location Constraints in an Agricultural Application Scenario

Published: 2010 Juli
Herausgeber: Hans Weghorn, Jörg Roth and Pedro Isaías
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the International Conferences Informatics 2010, Wireless Applications and Computing 2010 and Telecommunications, Networks and Systems 2010
Seiten: 67-74
Verlag: IADIS Press
Erscheinungsort: Freiburg, Deutschland
Organisation: International Association for Development of the Informatic Society (IADIS)

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Farmers are supported during field work by agricultural machines. Work on fields becomes more efficient with these machines. For providing farmer support an on-board unit as local runtime environment is necessary. The system gives the farmer suggestions depending on his actually position and activity (context). Processes which are necessary for the system and farmer support are modeled with a process modelling notation and executed with a processing language. Many processes are necessary for efficiency support. Further, obstacle warning can be seen as an important process in this agricultural scenario. With this process it is possible to reduce accidents and improve the harvesting process. An obstacle can be regarded as a location constraint for the agricultural machine on the field. But for different processes there are different kinds of constraints available, which are bound to specific fields and their obstacles. The operator of the machine has the possibility of defining new location constraints, too. So he is able to inform all other operators working on the same field. Therefore we developed a simple location model and implemented it within an agricultural processing unit.

ISBN: 978-972-8939-19-9




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Mobile Technologien, Modellierung