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Business-driven Trust Federation Management for Service Marketplaces

Business-driven Trust Federation Management for Service Marketplaces

Published: 2010 Juli

Buchtitel: IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC'2010), Miami, USA
Seiten: 594-601
Verlag: IEEE

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In Web service ecosystems, business participants, such as service consumers, service providers and service marketplaces are required to form temporary collaborations to support virtual and dynamic business value networks. This requires participants in the collaboration to establish on-demand trust relationships (i.e. a trust federation) between each other and hence enable service sharing or consumption between partners in a secure and trustworthy way. This paper proposes a business-driven approach that can effectively manage the lifecycle of a trust federation according to business decisions taking place in service marketplaces. By leveraging a federation management architecture, we can establish, enforce, update, or dissolve trust relationships required by business collaborations on demand, which greatly reduces the costs for complicated and error-prone trust configurations in individual enterprise domains.




Ökonomie und Technologie der eOrganisation


Service-oriented Computing, Naturanaloge Algorithmen