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Innovation Management in On-Demand Businesses: A Process Model to direct external innovational Efforts in self-organizing Platform Ecosystems

Published: 2010 Juli

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the PICMET 2010 conference on Technology Management for Global Economic Growth 2010, Bangkok
Verlag: Portland University

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During recent years, modular platforms have become the centerpiece of collaborative value creation in customer-driven platform ecosystems. Platform ecosystems co-create the platform’s value proposition and support its market adoption as the more complementors join the ecosystem to supply complementarities, the more valuable the platform becomes to customers due to a greater variety of choice. This poses new requirements on managing innovation in open platform environments. While academic research stresses the relevance of complementary innovation for platform success, it lacks, however, a concrete understanding of how platform operators can direct external innovational efforts in complex self-organizing ecosystems to co-create and deliver value while ensuring the overall quality, reliability, and consistency of the ‘whole’ product. Based on case study results, this paper presents a categorization of control mechanisms currently applied in platform markets, enabling the platform operator to steer external complementary innovation within the context of a platform strategy. From that an overall innovation management process is developed.

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