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MetaStorage: A Federated Cloud Storage System to Manage Consistency-Latency Tradeoffs

Published: 2011 Juli

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD 2011)
Verlag: IEEE Press
Erscheinungsort: Washington, D.C.
Organisation: IEEE

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Cost and scalability benefits of Cloud storage services are apparent. However, selecting a single storage service provider limits availability and scalability to the selected provider and may further cause a vendor lock-in effect. In this paper, we present MetaStorage, a federated Cloud storage system that can integrate diverse Cloud storage providers. MetaStorage is a highly available and scalable distributed hashtable that replicates data on top of diverse storage services. MetaStorage reuses mechanisms from Amazon's Dynamo for cross-provider replication and hence introduces a novel approach to manage consistency-latency tradeoffs by extending the traditional quorum (N,R,W) configurations to an (N_P,R,W) scheme that includes different providers as an additional dimension. With MetaStorage, new means to control consistency-latency tradeoffs are introduced.

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