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Individualization of E-Learning Processes by Workflow-Based Learning-Object Management

Published: 2004 April
Herausgeber: W. Abramowicz
Buchtitel: Business Information Systems, Proceedings of 7th BIS 2004
Seiten: 214-226
Erscheinungsort: Poznan, Poland

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Current learning management systems often lack suffi-cient support for processes in e-learning, including teaching, learning, and administration processes. In this paper a new approach is presented for increasing the functionality of e-learning platforms by adding workflow-support. The use of a new variant of high-level Petri nets allows for an integrated description of complex learning objects and related processes. Advantages of workflow-based learning-object management can be seen especially for the customization and personalization of processes and the measurement of results, e.g., economic benefits.

ISBN: 83-7417-019-0


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