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From Manual to Semi-automatic Semantic Annotation: About Ontology-based Text Annotation Tools

Published: 2000 August
Herausgeber: P. Buitelaar & K. Hasida
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the COLING 2000 Workshop on Semantic Annotation and Intelligent Content, Luxembourg, August 5-6, 2000

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Semantic Annotation is a basic technology for intelli-gent content and is beneficial in a wide range of content-oriented intelligent applications. In this paper we present our work in ontology-based semantic annotation, which is embedded in a scenario of a knowledge portal appli-cation. Starting with seemingly good and bad manual semantic annotation, we describe our experiences made within the KA2-initiative. The experiences gave us the starting point for developing an ergonomic and knowl-edge base-supported annotation tool. Furthermore, the annotation tool described are currently extended with mechanisms for semi-automatic information-extraction based annotation. Supporting the evolving nature of semantic content we additionally describe our idea of evolving ontologies supporting semantic annotation.

Download: Media:2000_507_Erdmann_From_Manual_to__1.pdf,Media:2000_507_Erdmann_From_Manual_to__1.ps