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Exam approval and registration of ERASMUS students (Incomer) or international time-limited students.

Exam approval and registration

An exam approval is required to participate in an exam. All approvals for the exams are based on the Learning Agreement and for every course shown on the Learning Agreement an approval will be written out. They are available at the Studienbüro (office of student affairs) (Geb. 1012.). You have to submit the Learning Agreement to the Studienbüro (office of student affairs). For the sign-in to the exam you need to submit the approval to the responsible department within the term of application. (compare to examination schedule: ). In addition to the courses included in the Learning Agreement, further courses may be attended at KIT. The corresponding exams of these courses have to be permitted separately by the Prüfungssekretariat (examination office) of the department of economics and management. Under the terms of condition determined by the module handbook you can apply for the exams listed there directly at the Prüfungssekretariat. For this purpose please use the following form:

For Exams of courses which are not included in the module handbook can be applied for by using the form above as well. The permission is granted as soon as the docent has confirmed his agreement to conduct the examination with a signature and a stamp of the institute. After receiving the permission you also have to submit this schedule to the Prüfungssektretariat (examination office). There, the approvals will be handed over.

Generally, we recommend to collect the exam approvals within the first 8 weeks of the semester.

Deregistration of the exam

If you presumably cannot participate in signed-in exams it is necessary to sign off before the beginning of the exam. For all questions related to planned exams please contact the Prüfungssekretariat der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (examination office) Kollegium am Schloss Bau I (Geb. 20.11), Phone. +49 721 608.43768. info∂wiwi kit edu