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Requirements for Wiki-based Maturing of Process Descriptions

Published: 2011 Juli
Institution: Institut AIFB, KIT
Erscheinungsort / Ort: Karlsruhe


Traditional process elicitation methods are expensive and time consuming. Recently, a trend toward collaborative, user-centric, on-line business process modeling can be observed. Social software approaches, satisfying such a collaborative modeling, have been evolved over the last years. A common proposal in this area is the use of a semantic wiki-based light-weight knowledge capturing tool for collaborative process development. Although different frameworks have been proposed, nobody has abstracted the specific requirements for collaborative maturing of processes. To address this issue we analyzed previous literature and derive further requirements from our experience with case study partners. On the basis of these derived requirements, we provide a comparison framework which we used to compare existing approaches. As a result, we show that none of the current approaches satisfy all the requirements.