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Collaborative Financial Analysis using Semantic MediaWiki

Informationen zum Vortrag

Datum: 25. Oktober 2012
Titel: Collaborative Financial Analysis using Semantic MediaWiki
Referent: Benedikt Kämpgen

Name: SMWCon Fall 2012
Ort: Cologne
Veranstalter: GESIS
Land: Germany

Forschungsgruppe: Wissensmanagement


Many organisations use Excel for budgeting and expense planning and for comparing budgets and plans with financial outcomes. Great organisations use spreadsheets only for reports and presentations [1], whereas the actual data is stored in server-based systems.

However, for users, those systems are mostly read-only. ETL processes regularly extract, preprocess, and load financial data into a data warehouse. Only interactive analyses can be performed and static reports created, yet, discussions and documentation of actions are done offline, using office suites.

We will discuss how to use Semantic MediaWiki for a more agile approach of collaborative budgeting, expense planning, and analysis in a use case of finance management within a research group.


Link to talk at SMWCon (with video and slides): [2].

For the slides, see Datei:Kaempgen SMWCon 2012 ls3finance final.pdf.