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ICT Certification in Europe

Contact: n.a.

Project Status: completed


The workshop aims to overlook the market of ICT skills certification for ICT professionals in Europe and beyond, and will compare the different products by means of underlying certification schemes and curricula as well as clarifying the objectives and principles of certification products. The approach chosen is to concentrate on the offerings for ICT professionals (or practitioners) and on specific ICT sectors of significance for industry. The business plan of this workshop includes the following objectives: - To gain and to strengthen broader recognition of ICT certification products across Europe and beyond. - To involve all necessary stakeholders to achieve aspired consensus about future Certification quality measures, namely ICT training and certification industry, academia, user industry, professional associations and national public authorities. The workshop will try to answer the following questions: - What is and defines the "value" of a certification/qualification? - What is the offered "value" by certifications and for whom? - What are the origins of "value" (direct and indirect) for public and private qualifications? - What are the individuals' perspectives? - What are employers' perspectives? - What are the interests of different stakeholders?

Involved Persons
Wolffried Stucky, Peter Weiß


from: 1 März 2008
until: 30 September 2009
Predecessing Project: HARMONISE

Research Group

Business Information Systems

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