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Contact: Andreas Oberweis

Project Status: completed

Involved Persons
Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich, Andreas Oberweis


from: 1 Oktober 2012
until: 30 Juni 2016
Funding: MWK Baden-Württemberg

Research Group

Business Information Systems

Area of Research

E-learning, Virtual University, Web-based Learning, Collaboration, Participation and Coordination

Publications Belonging to the Project
 - book
 - incollection
 - booklet
 - proceedings
 - phdthesis
 - techreport
 - deliverable
 - manual
 - misc
 - unpublished

Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Schoknecht, Andreas Oberweis, Meike Ullrich
Motivating Course Concept: Using Active Labs for BPM Education
Proceedings of the 21st European Conference on Information Systems, Association for Information Systems, Utrecht, Juni, 2013

Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Repository Platform for Motivating Education
Proceedings of the 19th EUNIS Congress „ICT Role for Next Generation Universities”, European Universities Information Systems, Riga, Juni, 2013

Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Social BPM Lab - Characterization of a collaborative approach for Business Process Management education
In IEEE, Workshop on Social Business Process Management (SBM 2013), Part of the 2013 IEEE 15th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), pages: 367-373, IEEE Computer Society, Wien, Juli, 2013

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